By the end of 2001, after completing musical studies in New York, the guitarist and producer Martin Delgado returned to Argentina with the idea of experimenting the fusion of electronic music, tango and jazz. With this in mind, he made several demos in his study and decided to look for other musicians to form San Telmo Lounge. In this way, STL was completed in 2003 with Pablo Gaitán in bandoneon, Lucas Polichiso in keyboards and Maximiliano Natalutti in violin. In September of the same year, they successfully released their first album " McDougall Tango", making shows throughout the country.

In 2005 they released their second album "Madrugada en Backcelonia", featuring Noelia Moncada as a guest singer. In October 2007 they released their third album: "Electrocardiotango". This album shows a change to the format of the instrumental song, reaffirming the richness in arrangements of their previous albums and featuring the voices of Lydia Borda and Sandra Corizzo, as guest artists. With this work, they obtained the MUSI award in the Category Best Group of Instrumental Tango (prize granted by the Union of Musicians of Rosario) and a nomination to the Gardel Prize, in the category Best Electronic Tango Album.

During 2008 and 2009, they featured Electrocardiotango in important festivals in Argentina and went on tours abroad, giving shows in Germany, Holland, Italy and France and in Latin America, in the cities of Brasilia, San Pablo, Porto Alegre, Rio de Janeiro, Campinas, Sao Jose dos Campos, Araraquara y Montevideo.

In September 2010, they independently released their fourth album AL FILO, receiving praises of the specialized press and the public. The album features important guests as Juan Subirá (Bersuit), Adrián Abonizio, Pablo Mainetti, Palo Pandolfo and Coki de Bernardis.

10 years after the release of their first album, they bring out VIVO EN ROSARIO in 2013. This 20 tracks CD and DVD release contains a review of their 4 albums with live acoustic reversions, plus 2 unreleased tracks with guest musicians from the city of Rosario. In 2014 the group returns to embark on a new European tour visiting the countries of Holland, Germany and Switzerland and ended the year with a historic free concert in Rosario with Litto Nebbia, Ruben Goldín , Gonzalo Aloras , Fabian Gallardo and Coki.

In 2016, the group released his 6th album called IMPERFECT DOUBLE . This album is a double release with 10 vocal songs and 10 instrumental songs. This time the group joined the bandoneon Ariel Aguilar, on the occasion of the establishment in The Nederlands of Pablo Gaitan, and definitely adds the voice of Laura Cardini and the already known on bass and drums duo of Tutu Rufus and Sebastian Mamet. In 2018 the group celebrates 15 years of the launch of McDougall Tango with a concert in the city of Rosario and prepares for the recording of its 7th album, ANIMAL TANGO. This album is recorded in June 2019 in the mythical Ion studios of the city of Buenos Aires and it is a conceptual disc in which each song refers to different human behaviors in analogy with an animal. The songs on the album are signed by their leader Martin Delgado, except for Leona, co-written with Acho Estol (La Chicana) who was also in charge of the production of the album.

Martin Delgado
Guitar, arrangements, production and musical direction.
Was born in Galvez on June 23rd , 1974. He graduated as a music teacher in the ISM University of Litoral and studied at the School of Contemporary Music of Buenos Aires. He has taken classes with important musicians in Argentina and abroad , including Rodolfo Mederos , Manfred Swazrskopf , Marcelo Braga Saralgui , Pablo Lopez Ruiz , Dante Grela , Julian Peralta and Cacho Hussein. In 1998 he was awarded with a scholarship by the Berklee College of Music (Boston - USA ) to continue his studies and in 2002 he studied harmony and guitar in The New Jazz School ( New York , USA ) with Glen Alexander . It has been part of numerous groups related to rock, pop and jazz and has written works for orchestra, chamber works , soundtracks and also performs a wide activity as arranger , producer and teacher. It is also the composer of the music of Tangomorfosis , conceptual work that he recorded with Adrian Abonizio . It has a catalog of over 125 titles in Sadaic.

Danae Mamet

Bachelor of Piano from the National University of Rosario and percussionist. Master in Performing Arts from the Rey Juan Carlos University of Spain. Currently a teacher at the Provincial School of Music of Rosario, the House of Culture Arijón - Rosario- and the Dance and Theater Teachers of the city of San Nicolas, Buenos Aires. Professional dancer and teacher of Oriental Dances, Argentine and Latin American Folkloric Dances and instructor of Yoga and Body Techniques, she is a member of the UNESCO International Dance Council. He has developed his teaching and artistic work in Spain, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates and has traveled receiving and transmitting knowledge through India, Nepal, Morocco, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Greece, United Arab Emirates, Oman, USA, Brazil, Spain, Cuba , Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Romania, Hungary etc.

Maximiliano Natlutti

Musician and teacher. His is part of the Provincial Symphonic Orchestra of Rosario since 2006 and professor of violin at the Conservatory of Music Juan Carlos Paz city of Pergamino. Since 2004 integrates “ El Regreso del Coelacanto” rock band fusion with whom he has released five albums, and participate as a guest in different groups . He settled in Rosario in 1994 to begin studying violin at the Music School of the National University of Rosario, since that he has participated in various ensembles and orchestras both popular music and academic including, Youth Orchestra of the UNR, Rosario Contemporary Music Ensemble, Opera Orchestra of Rosario tango Orchestra of the Provincial Institute of Teacher of music, Hand Quintet ( tango ) El Yunque (tango ) Kilt the Piper ( Celtic music ) among others.

Ariel Aguilar

Born at Rosario on 1987Take courses of bandoneón, composition and arrangements with Omar Torres, Domingo Federico, Rodolfo “Cholo” Montironi and nowadays he is studying Musical Composition at en la Universidad Nacional de Rosario. He si now playing and writting music with Quinteto El Espiante, La gota (progresive rock) (he is recording a dvd with them), Orquesta Monumental Tango, Grupo Sextango (founed by Omar Torres), San Telmo Lounge (Tango fusión), ETC­ (Contemporary Músic and Revirando Tango Fusión where he is conducting and arranging all the musical pieces.

Laura Cardini
Lead Vocals

She begins singing and taking guitar lessons at the age of 10 , in the town of Arequito . Subsequently, performed musical studies in different areas of the city of Rosario , as School No. 2054 of the Union of Musicians of Rosario , guitar lessons with Jorge Fandermole and singing with Miryam Cubelos , Sandra Corizzo , Ethel Koffman , among others. He joined choirs, groups and duets , always within the Latin American popular music and urban song. Among his repertoire as a performer we can highlight “Canciones desencontradas”, directed by Sandra Corizzo and under the auspices of the Union of Musicians of Rosario stands.

Sebastián Mamet

Graduated with honors from Berklee College of Music Professional Diploma ( Boston, USA ) in 1999. Hi studied with Dom Famularo , John Riley , Gary Chafee , Antonio Sanchez, Joe Hazilla , John Ramsay , Ernesto Diaz Uribe Ed and Bobby Sanabria . He played in the "Seoul Drum Fest" in South Korea and in many Sabian Shows with Jonathan Mover , Dom Famularo, Fito Messina, Virgil Donati and Marcelo Castro. It has been part of the band Maria Creusa , and other prestigious groups .
Today he is Endorser of brands like SABIAN TAMA.

Tutu Rufus

He began studying under the age of 15 in the city of Rosario with Professor Marcelo Gallego, from 17 played at various rock bands of the city . For years he continued to refine his technique of self-taught, as well as taking classes with various teachers and musicians like Daniel Maza , Jeff Berlin , Guillermo Vadala . It develops as a session recording and performing with artists like Cristian Amado , San Telmo Lounge , Resate and other musicians with which made national and international tours . He has taught in private schools in the city of Rosario as IMF, CETeAr , etc. and in the form of particular.

Pablo Miechi
Sound Engineer

Electronic Engineer with specialization in acoustics and professional sound. Sound engineer of recording and mixing. Sound designer and researcher. He studied at the Faculty of Engineering and Sciences of the National University of Rosario , specializing as a recording engineer in USA at the " Los Angeles Recording Workshop" . He was a teacher and academic coordinator at the school of sound called CETeAr at the city of Rosario . He currently teaches in the career "Degree in Sound and Recording" in the Higher Institute of Music Universidad Nacional del Litoral and he is part of the staff of UNR.