Nov 4 - 
21.00hs / CONCIERTO 20° ANIVERSARIO - Sala Lavardén - Rosario

STL Finalist of USA Songwritting Competition 2012

Nov 22
For the second time STL is finalist again of USA Songwritting Competition 2012 now with PROMESAS NOCTURNAS performed by Fabian Gallardo and included on AL FILO.
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STL first live recording show and dvd!

August 21 - 9.30 PM - SALA LAVARDEN
Thanks to all for being part of the recording of our first live cd and dvd. Many thanks to musicians, technicians and friends!
Check our fbk to see more pictures.

Special thanks to Fabián Gallardo, Mirna, Sandra Corizzo, Diego Bosch (Lima Sur), Agustin Zuanigh, Laura Cardini, Pablo Pino (Cielo Razzo)and Julián Venegas

STL at PreMICA Centro

Jun 5 & 6
STL will be part of PreMica Centro, Mercado de Industrias Culturales Argentinas between July 6 and 7 at Cordoba.More info at:

STL Brazilian shows!

May 20 & 24
Mayo 20 - 18hs /
Santander Cultural - Rua Sete de Setembro 1028
Centro Histórico Porto Alegre

May 24 - 20.30hs /
SESC Pinheiros - Rua Paes Leme 195 - Pinheiros - Săo Paulo

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