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STL at PreMICA Centro

Jun 5 & 6
STL will be part of PreMica Centro, Mercado de Industrias Culturales Argentinas between July 6 and 7 at Cordoba.More info at:

STL Brazilian shows!

May 20 & 24
Mayo 20 - 18hs /
Santander Cultural - Rua Sete de Setembro 1028
Centro Histórico Porto Alegre

May 24 - 20.30hs /
SESC Pinheiros - Rua Paes Leme 195 - Pinheiros - São Paulo

More pics at our FBK site

LIVE! tracks selection to download FREE!
Jan 5
Listen and download FREE a selection of songs recorded live at our last FRANCE tour 2011!

STL Finalist USA Songwriting Competition

December 1
Two of our songs have been selected among miles of them from all over the world at one of the most important Songwriting Competitions of USA

TRISTEZAS DE MONOBLOCK (ft. Juan Subirá and Adrián Abonizio) at WORLD Category


More info at: