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STL for SF TV at Sala Lavarden

June 28
We will play at Gran Salon of Sala Lavarden to be part of the new TV Channel of Santa Fe Goverment.

This sunday at Metropolitano de Tango!

May 4th, 2014
This sunday at 5PM at La Casa del Tango. Free pass

First Show 2014 at Berlin Pub!

April 4th, 2014
We play our classic songs with guest musicians. Al of this at Berlin Pub at 23.30

Show at El Diablito Cabaret!

November 23
This saturday 23rd at El Diablito Cabaret! Get the tickets at Music Shop!


Dec 23 - 
21.30hs /  

Don Matias Bar - Gálvez - Santa Fe

Oct 14 - 
19hs /   

Evento Sindicato de Panaderos (Private) - Rosario

Oct 9 - 
19hs /   

25 Aniversary Auditoria General de la Nación - CCK - Capital Federal